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― Henry David Thoreau

Our goal is to help start you on your path to achieve overall balance.

Hypnosis is not a mysterious or scary treatment. The approach that is used is based in science, research and clinical practice.

Dr. Charles Epstein, Psy.D., LMHC, the founder, is academically trained in human behavior. Along with his Doctorate in Psychology, he has successfully completed and is certified by NYSEPH, the only Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Approved Training Institute in New York City.

He is also licensed as a Mental Health Counselor (Lic. 003386) by the State of New York, as well as an adjunct professor of psychology at CUNY/John Jay College in New York City.

The difference between NYSEPH and other so called “institutes” is that NYSEPH is chartered by the State of New York Board of Regents. This intensive training program consists of five 10 week modules plus clinical practicum. This translates into an experienced mental health professional who has made a serious commitment to help you achieve your goals.

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