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Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS):

We offer the 7 session protocol developed by Dr. Olafur Palsson et al at the University of North Carolina Center for Functional GI and Motility Disorders*. for more information.

Pet Loss Grief Therapy:

As pet owners and pet lovers, we know and understand the love and loyalty these family members brings us. Let us help you through this difficult time.

Dental Fear & Phobias:

Our techniques can help you manage the anxiety you may experience when you undergo dental treatment.

Smoking and Weight Loss:

Finally work on quitting and losing those extra pounds.

CBT -I For Insomnia:

Many sleep disorders result in physical symptoms that can severely affect our daily lives and well being. CBT-I techniques have been clinically shown to offer real relief. Trained in the successful method developed by Dr. Gregg Jacobs ( for more information).

Tele-Therapy and Hypnosis Sessions:

Gain the benefits of hypnosis and our programs in the comfort and
privacy of your own home!

Depending on your particular needs and location, you may find that this format is best. I understand that sometimes online therapy or hypnosis by Skype may be a practical alternative to in-office visits.

See if this approach works best for you. If you are:

  • Very busy: Enables you to save time commuting to and from my office.

  • Highly motivated: In-person visits are encouraged because my office is free of distractions. If you have a

  • tele - session, you will need to tune out other distractions.

  • Able to create privacy for themselves: My office is a private space where confidentiality is assured. If you have tele - sessions, you will need to ensure that your space gives you appropriate privacy.

  • Forward-thinking: Tele - sessions are growing in popularity. Many

  • people who may not have had access to highly trained, professionals

  • now have that opportunity.

Sports and Performance Enhancement:

Athletes, performing artists, broadcast journalists and other professionals who wish to enhance the level or consistency of their performances can benefit from hypnosis. These techniques are effective  when you need to be able to give your peak performance at a specified point in time, while being observed, or in high demand situations. These people include trial attorneys, consultants, and those who give public or professional presentations.

Learn to develop, sharpen and utilize the mental skills that are an essential part of high-level, consistent performance. 

Performers typically benefit from a blend of approaches including relaxation training, cognitive-behavioral approaches (“self-talk”), visualization and imagery, and hypnosis and self-hypnosis.

* Better Horizon has no affiliation with UNC Center for Functional GI & Motility Disorders.

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